Question: Y saw a fairy once.

Y: Well, I don’t think it was actually a fairy. It was in the old Connecticut Centre. Downstairs, in the living room, as you looked towards the altar on the right hand side, was a dresser. I think a statue of Guru’s head was on top of this dresser. It was four feet high. I was sitting in the ante room and I couldn’t see the altar itself, because I was too much to the side. I was looking at the dresser, and I was sort of half asleep, perhaps, or not in a completely awake consciousness, when I saw something very small. It appeared to be a girl wearing something long. I immediately got the feeling that it wasn’t anything of great importance; it was just some little being coming there and looking to see what was going on. But immediately my mind came forward, and said something like, “Is that an angel?” And when that happened, it disappeared.

Sri Chinmoy: From the highest point of view, it is not at all essential to see a fairy. Not at all. You have to know that the world of fairies is a world that cannot be higher than this world. No. In this world you will realise God. You will not only realise God; you will actually become God. That is God’s Dream. Look at a fairy. It is just like a child! Compare the fairy’s capacity to your capacity, when it will be all blossomed. Even your present achievement cannot be inferior to the achievement of the fairy world, not to speak of your future capacity one hundred or one thousand years from now. The fairy world is a delicate, sweet, childlike world. It is like children playing in the garden. You get joy. But when you think of the children’s capacity, it is very limited. Their capacity is to give us joy. They are moving around; they are playing, dancing, singing, and that gives us joy. But when it is a matter of real accomplishment or achievement, it is a different thing.

So, in your case, what you saw was a fairy, not an angel. If you had seen an angel, your mind would not have said that it was of no importance. An angel is definitely of real importance. But again, it is not of infinite importance to see an angel. No, not at all. Still, when it is a matter of capacity, there is a tremendous difference between a fairy and an angel. Angels can do many things. In the Bible they do all kinds of miracles. These stories are true. Fairies cannot do these things. They are children. Fairies can give you joy, they can give you inspiration, they can give you enthusiasm and make you feel that you are a child.

So, what you saw was not an angel. But you were right when you said not to use the mind. While you are eating a mango, if your mind comes to the fore and says, “After all, it is not so important to eat a mango,” then the taste that the mango embodies, you will not be able to get. While eating something, if you say, “It is not essential,” then whatever little taste or capacity the thing has, you won’t get it. If you are doing something or feeling something or trying to achieve something, if you immediately say, “It is not so important,” then the capacity or wealth of that particular thing, you will not get to the fullest. Even if the capacity that it has is eager to come into you, still you will not get it.

Let us say that I am giving you a flower with utmost love. I am giving you a flower, but I have much more than a flower. Today I am giving you a flower to see how much devotion you have for me. If you take it with utmost joy, then tomorrow you will get something more, because the thing that I wanted to give you, you have taken with utmost joy, gratitude, love and delight. I came to you in the form of a flower and you have accepted me. Then, tomorrow, I will come to you in the form of a lion. But if you do not accept me in the form of a flower, then I will hesitate to come to you in the form of something infinitely more meaningful.