Act II, Scene 1

(London. K.D. Ghosh, with his wife, sons and daughter, arrives at the residence of Mr. Drewett. Benoy, Mano and Auro will live there.)

MR. DREWETT: Good morning, Mr. Ghosh. Come, come, my young friends! (Looking at Mrs. Drewett) You were praying for a child. Now God brings you three in a row.

MRS. DREWETT: Thank God. Mr. Ghosh, I shall love them as if they were my own children. (Caressing Auro) I shall teach you English myself. I will not let you go to school at this tender age.

MR. DREWETT: I shall teach you Latin. I shall help you in every way. My young friend, I can brook no delay. Come, let us start our Latin lesson. Just repeat what I say.

Father - Pater

Mother - Mater

Brother - Frater

Sister - Soror

Son - Filius

Daughter - Filia

And now please repeat all the words by yourself.

(Auro's answers are perfect.)

Wonderful, your memory is wonderful.

AURO: Sir, what is the Latin for "God" and "Goddess"?

MR. DREWETT: Well, Deus and Dea. What made you ask this, my boy?