Act III, Scene 7

(Baroda. Charu Dutta’s bungalow. Aurobindo spends a short holiday there. Charu Dutta, Lilavati and Subodh.)

CHARU: Chief, to our great good luck we have you with us to-day. This time I have something to confide to you. I have read your Bhavani Mandir. It has moved me to my depths. I have decided to give myself to the service of your great Ideal.

AURO: Very glad, godspeed.

SUBODH: We intend to open a National College in Bengal with you as the Head.

AURO: Believe me, I must go to Bengal if you sincerely want me there.

SUBODH: We hesitate to offer you a remuneration far beneath your notice. Still, poor Bengal would have a princely youth like you for the post.

AURO: My friend, to be able to serve the Mother is itself a high honour for any one.

SUBODH: Your sacrifice has ennobled your country. Your sacrifice will win her freedom.

LILAVATI: Ah, stop, Subodh. (Turning to Aurobindo and handing him a little saloon rifle.) Come, Ghosh Saheb, take a hand.6

AURO (hesitatingly): Sorry, Lilavati. I have never touched a gun. I know nothing about shooting.

(At repeated requests of Lilavati, Charu and Subodh, he takes the rifle. Charu explains to him the technique of aiming over a V-sight.)

AURO: No, Charu is too hasty. Lilavati, you stand by me.

(Aurobindo starts firing at the head of a match stick about twelve feet away from him. He repeats it several times, every time with success.)

LILAVATI: Ghosh Saheb, wonderful, unbelievable. You have mastered the art of shooting in a trice.

CHARU: If realisation in Yoga does not come to such a man, will it come to bunglers like you and me?

DB 24,9. From here on some of the sentences spoken by Lilavati and Charu are from Charu Dutta’s memoirs.