Act V, Scene 3

(Bengal National College. Principal Aurobindo Ghosh's English class. The class begins with the recital of "Bande Mataram" in chorus. Among the authorities Rash Behari Ghosh, Sir Gurudas Banerjee and Nagendra Nath Guha happen to overhear it from afar. Recitation over, all take their seats; one of the students stands up.)

STUDENT: Sir, may I ask you a question not relevant to our lesson?

AURO: Yes, you may. No harm.

STUDENT: Sir, we feel inspired when you speak of India's renaissance. But when we turn to her drawbacks our whole outlook is obscured by doubt.

AURO: Well, my boy, do you believe with me that the spirit of nationalism that is now stirring the hearts and souls of our countrymen is a gift of the Divine? Do you believe that the Divine Himself is our Leader?

THE CLASS IN A BODY: Yes, Sir, we do.

AURO: Then take it from me that whatever drawbacks stand in India's way will be swept away by His Force. The Nation is rising and will go on rising, maybe at times through ups and downs, to the infinite heights. If she does not, she will be an ignominious failure, and ultimately become extinct. But have no such fear. India rises to do God's Will, to give His Message to the world, to help humanity out of its human darkness into its innate divinity. India's renaissance is as sure as God Himself. Cast doubt away. Be sincere in your unshakeable faith. It will carry you through.