Act V, Scene 7

(Bipin Pal and Aurobindo.)

PAL: Aurobindo Babu, I have come to you with a special request. I know, you won't say nay, nor am I going to take nay from you. The Bande Mataram has now become much too big a burden for me to carry single-handed. I need your personal help as Assistant Editor. It must cope successfully with the rapid growth of the Nationalist movement. I could think of no better person to take up the job than you. Besides, I have every hope that from your powerful pen it will go on producing the needed type of food the country requires from day to day. Now tell me "yes".

AURO: Thank you for your confidence in me, Mr. Pal. I agree to take up this work provided I have a free hand in the matter.

PAL: Assuredly you will have everything entirely your own way. It's no business venture. There is no clash of ideals in the Party. So there is no question of interference with your work.

AURO: Thanks again, Mr. Pal.

PAL: Now that the Bande Mataram has your magic pen, I am sure India will no longer remain a slumbering Nation.

AURO: And your trumpet voice will remain hushed? Your ceaseless stream of eloquence runs direct from your heart to inspire and conquer the hearts of our countrymen.

PAL: Ah, pray, do not extol me to the skies. My voice, you may at best compare it with a sword. But who can ever deny that the pen is mightier than the sword?

AURO: If I have extolled you to the skies, to what super-skiey ether would you be said to have extolled me?

PAL: Now, Aurobindo Babu, I expect you to join hands with me at once. The rising tide of Nationalism must suffer no stemming because of any failure on our part to rise to the situation as it develops, henceforth perhaps from moment to moment.

AURO: His work will be done by Him. We are mere instruments. But as instruments, we must be ready, too.

PAL: I fully agree. May Mother India bless you. Good-bye. Let us meet this evening at the Bande Mataram Office.

AURO: Very well.

(Exit Pal.)