Act I, Scene 3

(The Himalayas. A galaxy of Kuthumis. The ingress and egress of the aspirant souls.)

FIRST KUTHUMI: The largesse of the mind is almost come to an end. Mind is the fount of problems. A permanent solution is not to be had there.

SECOND KUTHUMI: True, mind is unable to solve all problems. Dangers weave their meshes around the human souls. But who or what can make the impossible possible?

THIRD KUTHUMI: I know, I know. It is the pinnacled light of the Supermind which is utterly empty of all problems. It is a fount of harmony, of unity-in-multiplicity.

FOURTH KUTHUMI: The endless urge of the Supermind is to descend upon the earth and change her consciousness.

FIRST KUTHUMI: To serve the purpose God’s human birth is the supreme need.

SECOND KUTHUMI: Many a time He has descended on the earth across the centuries. But earth seems to have made no satisfactory progress. He comes and goes at His chosen times. Each and every time His Mission appears to be thwarted by the wilful ignorance of the earth. The wide hunger of Time devours all the spiritual wealth that He brings down. A ruthless oblivion lords it over the mortals.

THIRD KUTHUMI: It is victory and not defeat that is the first and last word of God. Soon the Infinite shall alight on the throbbing heart of the soil.

FOURTH KUTHUMI: When, why, how, where?

THIRD KUTHUMI: It is in India, it is in the land of the sages and the spiritual giants that He will see the light of day.

SECOND KUTHUMI: And what is expected from us?

FIRST KUTHUMI: Ours is to be a flower-offering to Him, to His Mission.