Act VI, Scene 1

(Manicktolla Garden. The revolutionaries are engaged in a twofold activity: attending classes on the Gita, and preparing bombs and practising the use of firearms. Barin is their leader. Attired in ochre clothes like a regular sannyasin, Upen explains the Gita to them. It is no camouflage. They are as serious in their study of the Gita as in their revolutionary work.)

BARIN: Nolini, will you please go to Sejda's place to bring him here? He told me that he will come here to see our activities.

NOLINI (pride and delight brighten up his face.): I, I to bring him?

BARIN: Yes, you go. You know, he is at the residence of Raja Subodh Chandra Mullick.

NOLINI: Yes, Barinda, I'm off.

(Exit Nolini.)

BARIN (turning to the revolutionaries): So, Sejda is coming to-day. I hope he will be pleased with our revolutionary activities.

REVOLUTIONARIES: We hope so. Even if otherwise, we shall have his directions and guidance. Besides, his presence will be our inspiration.