Act VI, Scene 3

(Bande Mataram Office. Shyam Sundar, Hemendra Prasad and Bijoy Chatterjee.)

SHYAM SUNDAR: It seems to me that the more the writings of Aurobindo Babu are coming out in the Bande Mataram, the faster is India progressing towards the goal of her freedom.

HEMENDRA PRASAD: My friend, it is a pity that only a limited circle knows who is behind the great ideal of the Boycott movement, Passive Resistance and National Education. Aurobindo doesn't care a straw for fame. He is all for action.

(A big procession passes by the side of the Bande Mataram Office. The self-dedicated volunteers send up to the skies their inspiring cry of Bande Mataram. Song after song is sung, filling the atmosphere with fervent love of the country.)

BIJOY: Our Jugantar Party will function no longer in secret. Look, look at the swelling stream of souls worshipping the country. Her awakening will be keener and deeper. Away from the rocks and shallows our ship is clearing towards the high seas.