Act VII, Scene 8

(Aurobindo’s cell. Aurobindo in deep meditation. A blue Light fills the cell. Vasudeva appears in the midst of the Light.)

VASUDEVA (coming in front of Aurobindo): Look at me, my child. I am He whom you have been seeking. I come to tell you that from now and for ever you will be finding me in you, with you, around you everywhere. The second thing is that your work for India in Bengal is now done. I have decreed India’s independence. The rest of the work for it will be done by others yet to come. I sent you on earth to do my work for world-liberation and world-transformation. That will require a very long and intensive preparation on your part. Henceforth, concentrate on it according to my guidance. As regards your case here, it is my concern. Leave it all to me. I will instruct your counsel, speak through him and see you released. You will remain ever free from all their blind efforts afterwards to force you out of the sphere of your work — for the moment in India, then the world over.

(Aurobindo bows in silence. Vasudeva disappears.)