Act VIII, Scene 1

(Aurobindo, and the other released, in the dock along with those sentenced. Sudhir Sarkar, one of the latter, moves to Sri Aurobindo.)

SUDHIR: Government are holding out temptations before us. They promise to take us to Europe or America for our education, with the prospects of high posts afterwards. All this to have our secrets. What must we do?

AURO: Think of the Mother. Think of me. We will always be with you.

(The police take away the sentenced ones. C.R. Das takes Aurobindo and his released companions to his house. His carriages move slowly through surging crowds on both sides of the streets amidst deafening cheers of joy and cries of Bande Mataram. The whole family of C.R. Das along with a body of nationalist leaders receive Aurobindo and his party with loud cries of Bande Mataram and repeated blowing of conch shells. Garlands, bouquets and flowers are showered upon the party from all sides.)

After lunch and rest, while Aurobindo is sitting among others in a room, the younger ones of C.R. Das's house are peeping in. They retire after having a long look at Aurobindo from their unseen positions. One of them is accosted by a group of young men coming towards C.R. Das's house.)

YOUNG MEN: Sudhi, we are coming to see Aurobindo Babu. Certainly you have seen him?

SUDHI: Oh, yes, I have.

YOUNG MEN: Sudhi, Sudhi, tell us, how does he look?

SUDHI: Go in and see for yourselves, with your own eyes. His looks have to be seen and not described.

YOUNG MEN: We will. But you give us your own impression, Sudhi.

SUDHI: I found him sitting quiet and unperturbed amidst exuberant scenes of joy and happiness. He seems to be in his own atmosphere, among all yet isolated, in-drawn with a distant look, silence incarnate.

YOUNG MEN (silenced into surprise, in reverential tone): We will simply see him and give him our pranams and withdraw without any demonstration.