Act VIII, Scene 6

(Dharma and the Karmayogin Office. Aurobindo is occupied in writing for Dharma. Enter Nivedita.)

NIVEDITA: Excuse me, Mr. Ghosh, I have to interrupt you. I have just had it from an authentic source that the Government have completed a plan to deport you outright from India. They are going to execute it any moment.


NIVEDITA: I am come to ask you to leave British India forthwith.

AUROBINDO: I will foil their plan.


AUROBINDO: I am going to publish, over my own signature, immediately in the Karmayogin "An Open Letter To My Countrymen" setting forth our policy and plan of work.

NIVEDITA (with a note of anxiety in her voice): Will that suffice?

AUROBINDO: It will. And you will agree with me when you read it through.

NIVEDITA: I take you at your word, as always. I shall read it only to make my senses doubly sure. Nothing can give me greater delight than to find you safely at work, here in our midst, for your dear land.

AUROBINDO: Do I need your telling me that? I know your heart well enough.