Act IX, Scene 2

(The steamer leaves Calcutta in the small hours of the morning of 1 April, 1910. Bijoy and Aurobindo.)

BIJOY: Now you are Jyotindranath Mitter, and I am Bankim Chandra Basak. Are we justified in passing ourselves off as other than we are?

AUROBINDO: No, not in the eyes of the moralists.

BIJOY: I am the last fellow to go in for morality. But why, of all places, Pondicherry?

AUROBINDO: It is His choice.

BIJOY: But how long will you be there?

AUROBINDO: As long as He wills.

BIJOY: What will be your plan of work there?

AUROBINDO: I will follow whatever plan He reveals to me.

BIJOY: I am afraid your work will be much more inward than now.

AUROBINDO: I feel so.

BIJOY: Then we have no place there.

AUROBINDO: How? My work will be for all, for all the world.

BIJOY: The purpose?

AUROBINDO: The Supreme Transformation of the world.

BIJOY: In what way can such a transformation come about?

AUROBINDO: By the ascent of man into the Spirit, the descent of the Spirit into man.