Act X, Scene 3

(Aurobindo's house. Seated two of the inmates. 29 March 1914. Time: evening.)

A: Well, I have seen a new arrival from France meeting Aurobindo to-day. Do you know anything of her?

B: Only this much, that in France she was carrying on sadhana almost on Aurobindo's lines — of course, without knowing it; and, what's more, she had several visions of someone she called Sri Krishna!

A: Interesting! Wonderful, too! Then?

B: And the very moment she saw Aurobindo, she recognised him as the Krishna of her vision.

A: What predestination! This is the way the Divine does His work!

B: And you have marked how simple and affable she is as if she has come home to her own people.

A: That's my feeling too. Over and above that, she inspires regard.

B: Quite natural for her personality, for one who could see Aurobindo inwardly from across the seas and who could tread the path the Master has chalked out for us here.

A: I marvel at the coincidence.

B: We may marvel, without doubt. The coincidence seems a symbol of West joining East in a great synthesis.

A: That is exactly my feeling.

B: Let us put this question to the Master. Let us hear him on the point.

A: Very well. To-morrow itself, if possible.