Act X, Scene 3

(Aurobindo’s house. Seated two of the inmates. 29 March 1914. Time: evening.)

A: Well, I have seen a new arrival from France meeting Aurobindo to-day. Do you know anything of her?

B: Only this much, that in France she was carrying on sadhana almost on Aurobindo’s lines — of course, without knowing it; and, what’s more, she had several visions of someone she called Sri Krishna!

A: Interesting! Wonderful, too! Then?

B: And the very moment she saw Aurobindo, she recognised him as the Krishna of her vision.

A: What predestination! This is the way the Divine does His work!

B: And you have marked how simple and affable she is as if she has come home to her own people.

A: That’s my feeling too. Over and above that, she inspires regard.

B: Quite natural for her personality, for one who could see Aurobindo inwardly from across the seas and who could tread the path the Master has chalked out for us here.

A: I marvel at the coincidence.

B: We may marvel, without doubt. The coincidence seems a symbol of West joining East in a great synthesis.

A: That is exactly my feeling.

B: Let us put this question to the Master. Let us hear him on the point.

A: Very well. To-morrow itself, if possible.

Chinmoy Kumar Ghose, The Descent of the Blue.First published by Sri Chinmoy Lighthouse in 1972.

This is the 3000th book that Sri Chinmoy has written since he came to the West, in 1964.


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