Act X, Scene 5

(A’s room. Arrives B. Date: 31 March 1914.)

A: We have our Master’s view of the great lady. How to know her view of the Master?

B: I have had it and I am come to show it to you. The same thought was working in my mind, too. And happily I chanced to come across her and I seized the opportunity of sounding her on the point. And true to her simplicity and her kindness, she showed me her recorded view. Here it is. (He reads out).

"Le 30 Mars 1914
  ... Peu importe qu'il y ait des milliers d’êtres plongés dans la plus épaisse ignorance. Celui que nous avons vu hier est sur terre; sa présence suffit à prouver qu'un jour viendra où l'ombre sera transformée en lumière, et où effectivement, Ton règne sera instauré sur la terre ..."


"[ matters not if there are hundreds of beings plunged in the densest ignorance. He whom we saw yesterday is on earth: His presence is enough to prove that a day will come when darkness shall be transformed into light, when Thy reign shall be, indeed, established upon earth.]"

A: Oh, a revelation! Read it again.

B: To be sure, it’s a light to our blind eyes. It is God’s Blessings received through her. We are infinitely blessed to have been at his feet. So is India, so is the world,

A: And the few words of Aurobindo about her are packed with a far-reaching significance.

B: Certainly. We have now come to a radical turn in the course of our life here.

DB 84,5. La Mère, Prières et Méditations.