Act XII, Scene 2

(Chittagong. Two disciples of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.)

A: I have time and again told you that the Mother and Sri Aurobindo are one.

B: But have you ever felt it?

A: I have no need to feel it. I know they are one.

B: But how?

A: How? Sri Aurobindo has clearly said that his Consciousness and the Mother’s are one and the same.

B: You think I have no faith in Sri Aurobindo?

A: If you have, then why such hesitation?

B: Not actually hesitation, but…

A: You must not call yourself a disciple of Sri Aurobindo if you fail to believe in him. Apart from it, it is you who will be the loser, if you are wanting in faith in him. I can tell you something quite striking. Just yesterday when my mother had a heart attack I called upon Sri Aurobindo to protect her. Whom I actually saw, you know, was the Mother by the side of my mother. And to the surprise of the doctor and others my mother has come round. And to-day when I concentrated on the Mother out of the fulness of my grateful heart I saw Sri Aurobindo before me with his benign smile.

B (clasping A): True! I fully believe you. Now tell me a little more about their oneness of being and action.

A: Sri Aurobindo says: “The Mother’s consciousness and mine are the same, the one Divine Consciousness in two, because that is necessary for the play. Nothing can be done without her knowledge and force, without her consciousness — if anybody really feels her consciousness, he should know that I am there behind it and if he feels me it is the same with hers.”