Act XII, Scene 4

(Ashram. A visiting sadhak and Sri Aurobindo.)

SADHAK: It seems both you and the Mother are working hard for a new humanity to begin on earth. Is it not only the Orient who will be able to rise to the occasion? To be more precise, those alone who belong to this land of ours, where the Indian race has done Yoga for millenniums, seem capable of realising your Supermind. What about other peoples?

SRI AUROBINDO: "We are not working for a race or a people or a continent or for a realisation of which only Indians or only Orientals are capable. Our aim is not either to found a religion or a school or philosophy or a school of Yoga, but to create a ground and a way of spiritual growth and experience and a way which will bring down a great Truth beyond the mind but not inaccessible to the human soul and consciousness. All can pass who are drawn to that Truth, whether they are from India or elsewhere, from the East or from the West."