Surrender, surrender, surrender

We have to surrender, surrender, surrender to God’s Will. How many times God has cured disciples of serious, serious ailments! Sometimes doctors will give the patient two days, three days, four days, one week to live; sometimes they will give two weeks. Even a month ago, one case was so serious, extremely serious. God utilised me. God utilises me so many times. You know only very few cases. About the rest you have no idea. In hundreds of cases God wanted me to be His instrument to save people from death.

God created disease. If God did not create it, who created it? Somebody created disease, since everything that exists was created. In only two or three cases where death from the most serious disease was imminent, I did not succeed. In more than fifteen cases recently, God wanted me to succeed. Even in this hall there are three people to whom God wanted me to be of service in this way. They would have died in a maximum of six months, but God used me. The patients themselves know it. It was a matter of months, or even a week.

I joke with you, because you are my spiritual children. So many times I cut jokes with my spiritual children. But God jokes with me infinitely more than I joke with you! Again, I place my suffering for you at the Feet of God. He is the Tree. When I place my suffering at the foot of the Tree, I do it very cheerfully, plus unconditionally. The heart breaks; but the inner existence, which is divinity, is so completely surrendered to God’s Will.

Again, you know only a few cases. Concerning twenty or thirty cancer cases, including brain cancer, you have no idea. God used me as His instrument. In two or three cases He did not use me. It is all His Will, His Will. We cannot do anything ourselves; we are fully surrendered to God’s Will.

Sometimes we say to God about those who have serious ailments, “I know her, I know him; I care for them.” Then God says, “Who created those people? Did you create them?” At that time we have to say, “No, sorry — I did not create them.” God tells us that we are dearer than the dearest to Him, each one of us. Here on earth somebody will be with us for some years, and then the soul departs. But who created the soul? God created the soul. That soul came to us in the form of affection, love and sweetness.

We show our affection and fondness to dogs or cats, and these animals also show their sweetness and affection to us. We cannot understand their language, but our heart knows them and can easily understand their feelings. When they look at us, immediately we can feel what they are going to say. The affection, sweetness and fondness that we give to these little animals and they give to us will make us spiritually rich.

Many people cannot show their real affection, sweetness and fondness. They are unkind, or their heart is not developed. When we can offer to human beings our sweet concern and affection, it is God who gives us those divine qualities. Again, when our dear ones leave the earth, God, out of His infinite Compassion, in a few months or a year takes away our excruciating pangs. Then our suffering disappears.

Everybody will lose his dear ones — parents, brothers, sisters, all. In my case, one by one they left. How much I suffered! Again, three times God gave me the capacity to extend my brother Chitta’s life, and four times my sister’s life. He gave me the capacity. But when God does not want it, what can you do? In Chitta’s case, outwardly I had to make a connection. I knew something was wrong with my brother. From New York I called our house, but our phone was not working. I phoned the hospital, but their two lines were not working. I could not do anything. In a matter of eleven hours he disappeared, my dearest brother Chitta. My sister Lily also disappeared. God gave me the capacity to be of service by extending their lives. Again, after some time the same God did not want to keep them here on earth any more.

Surrender, surrender, surrender! We have to surrender to God’s Will, willingly or unwillingly. If we do it willingly, then we make tremendous progress, tremendous progress. Unwillingly if we do it, then we make no progress; we almost stand against God’s Will. Happily, self-givingly, unconditionally we have to surrender to God’s Will. After all, we have to know that we did not create our dear ones. It was God who created them. The Creator will always have infinitely more Affection, Love and Concern for the Creation than anyone else can have. We get our dear ones for ten, twenty, thirty or forty years. Then they disappear, and we also disappear.

For fifty, sixty or one hundred years, we are together; there is no fixed time. And if we are very close, then in the soul’s world we meet together. Then again, there may be a problem. We are members of the same family, but one individual in the family may be spiritually much more developed, according to his virtues, according to his good deeds. There may be four, five or six persons in one family, but there is no guarantee that they will also be in Heaven together. In some cases they are together, because they are very close to each other. In other cases, the brother will be on one plane of consciousness and the sister will be somewhere else. It is like that. We cannot say that all five or six members of a family will be in Heaven again together — no, no, no! It all depends on their standard. If they are of the same standard, they will be together. Otherwise, if there is a great gap between one individual and another, they may come and visit each other. Like distant relatives they can come and visit, but they do not dwell on the same plane.

8 December 2006, Antalya, Turkey.