Sri Aurobindo’s Bengali writings1

Sri Aurobindo’s Bengali handwriting was wonderful. He wrote two books in excellent Bengali: one about his prison-life and one about the Chariot of Lord Vishnu.2 When disciples came to the Ashram to remain permanently, each one got a book autographed by Sri Aurobindo. How beautiful his handwriting was at that time! I got the book about Sri Aurobindo’s prison-life.

At one point Sri Aurobindo wrote only in English. He wrote hundreds of letters to his disciples. For two disciples he wrote in Bengali. Mridu was by far my best Ashram “mother.” Sri Aurobindo had to write to her in Bengali. At the age of twelve she got married, and when she reached the age of thirteen God “blessed” her: her husband died. She received two hundred letters from Sri Aurobindo, or even more. Nolini gave me the job to make a selection of Sri Aurobindo’s Bengali letters and translate them into English.

  1. DBM 16. 10 December 2006, Antalya, Turkey

  2. DBM 16,1. Sri Aurobindo’s book about his prison-life is entitled Karakahini, and his book about the Chariot of Lord Vishnu is entitled Jagannather Rath.

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