If you can show a miracle

When I went to work at the Consulate, I always wore a suit and a tie — always, always! Sometimes poverty struck me. I had a very nice and kind friend whose name was Arthur Gregor. He was a poet. He was taller and stouter than me, but he gave me two of his coats. Unfortunately, they were too big, and one of them had a big hole on the right side. They did not fit me, but what can you do? Necessity knows no law.

Arthur had a South Indian Guru. Before he was a police inspector, and then he became a Guru. Arthur used to tell us stories about his Guru. Some I liked very much.

Once I showed Arthur a “five-cent” miracle. One day Arthur invited my sponsor, Sammy, and me to meditate at his place. It was only two or three doors away from Sammy’s place, on the same block. I went there in the evening. At Sammy’s place, always we used to meditate with the light on. That was Sri Aurobindo’s way. Sri Aurobindo used to keep the light on. I also developed that idea. Arthur’s way was to keep the light off. When he told me stories about his Guru, I used to appreciate and appreciate his Guru. That is still my habit: to appreciate all the Gurus sincerely, while invoking God’s Blessings. I never wanted anybody to lose faith in their Master, ever. So, I spoke very highly to Arthur about his Guru.

This was the miracle, believe it or not. We were meditating with the light off. When the meditation was over, I said to Arthur, “A very, very thin lady was standing behind you and blessing you. I asked her who she was. She said she is your spiritual mother. Then I asked her more. I said, ‘What is your name, please?’ She said to me, ‘Anupama.’ The thin lady said she is your divine mother, and her name is Anupama.”

Arthur said, “How could you know that!”

I said, “I did not know it. I was not thinking of your divine mother. Believe me, I was not even thinking of your Guru, although it is your Guru’s birthday. I was thinking of my Master, Sri Aurobindo.”

It was his Guru’s birthday, and who appeared? The Guru’s wife! She was a very, very thin, dark-skinned South Indian lady.

That experience changed Arthur’s mind. Then he got me two excellent jackets, the perfect size for me. They were neither very thick nor very light. If you can show a five-cent miracle, you get this kind of treatment!

That was Arthur Gregor. He has passed away.

How many stories I can tell.

10 December 2006, Antalya, Turkey.