Question: Can those forces come back from the Universal Consciousness and affect somebody again?

Sri Chinmoy: They can come, but not from there. If somebody consciously cherishes wrong movements, emotional thoughts, vital thoughts and all that, then they can come back again. I can throw these forces, but if you are eager to get them back, they will return. Also, you can create them. You people are constantly creating them. Many people consciously cry for poison. Poison means emotional life, lower vital life. So then they come back.

What can I do? Only I can take it from the disciples and put it in the other place. If the mother sees the child playing with a knife, she takes the knife and puts it into some other room beyond his reach. But if the child starts crying for the knife, he will be able to get it back again. If he feels he needs the knife for his own purposes, he looks around for it. Then he enters into the room and brings it back. But if the knife remains with the child, at some time or other the child may stab himself. Like this, these forces come back quite often. Only if the Master is very happy and pleased with the disciple and the disciple is indomitable in his will, will the Master not allow these forces to come back. Then both Master and disciple are successful.