Question: In future incarnations, will we have other spiritual Masters, or will you directly guide us from above?

Sri Chinmoy: My first class, second class and even my third class disciples, I will be able to guide directly. Even disciples of the third class standard, if they are truly faithful to my inner existence, will be able to be guided by me. Below third class, they definitely will need other Masters. When first class disciples see my picture in future incarnations, immediately they will feel something. They will get tremendous joy and delight. First class disciples will never care for any other Master, and I will be able to guide them. But with others I am helpless.

Many times children do not learn from their parents although their parents are highly developed mentally. But they get joy in learning from others. In my case also it will happen. First class and second class disciples definitely I will get, and I will be able to guide them from above. As for third class disciples, I am a little bit doubtful. As for fourth class, fifth class and sixth class disciples — O God, I wish they would leave today. Let them leave me and go to some Swami; that will solve all my problems.

Again, today somebody may be a fifth class disciple and tomorrow he can be first class. And there is no hard and fast rule that first class will always remain first class. A disciple may fall and go to third class, fourth class or fifth class. So at every moment remain alert. If you are first class, try to remain first class. If you are not first class, you should try your utmost to get up to the level of first class and remain there. Many go up and then fall. Again, many don’t try even to go up, or they try, but their effort is not sincere. But if the first class can maintain their standard, they will never, never leave no matter how many incarnations they have. And those who are really my first class disciples will not have to take twenty or thirty or forty or sixty incarnations to realise God. When a Master of my calibre comes down, ten incarnations can be done in ten years. As a matter of fact it has already happened. Some of the disciples would be behind thirty or forty incarnations in capacity if they had not met us.

You people have seen your friends who are still leading an ordinary life. You can see the difference between their lives and your life. After forty or fifty years you will see your achievement and their achievement. When you look at them you will see it is all night, and when you look at yourself you will see it is all day.

So, very good disciples will not have to go through forty or fifty incarnations. But fourth class or fifth class disciples, I am sorry to say, have to go to other spiritual Masters. Even while I am alive they cannot satisfy me; so when I am physically gone, will they be able to please me? Third or fourth or fifth class disciples must make a very sincere effort while they are with other Masters. Otherwise, God knows how many incarnations they will take.

Sri Chinmoy, The disciples' freedom.First published by Agni Press in 1980.

This is the 403rd book that Sri Chinmoy has written since he came to the West, in 1964.


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