The inner voice and the Master's advice

You have to be able to distinguish the inner voice, the voice of conscience, from the voice that may come from the vital or the mind. The vital is very clever. It will take the form of your conscience and tell you to do something, but this is all wrong. When you get an inner message, how will you know if it is the voice of your conscience? You have to go deep within. If it is your conscience, you are bound to feel that you are not being asked to do the thing, but somebody else is doing it in and through you. It is some higher force, some inner force, that is operating in and through you. If you feel this, then you are bound to know that it is the voice of conscience that you are hearing, and not the voice of your vital or mind.

When a serious matter occurs in your life, you can go deep within for a day or two to find an answer. But after that, please do not waste your precious time. Just let me know what is happening and then become one with my will, because you have to feel whatever I say is coming directly from the Supreme. Sometimes I see a conflict going on in the inner world and I wait for the person to ask me about it on the outer plane. Many, many times you get the opportunity to ask me what to do, only you do not ask. Then, once you ask, I may take time before I answer. You may have asked me something most important but there is no reply. If I take time, don’t think that I am neglecting you or being indifferent. I am giving your inner being time to prepare itself to receive the decision. The decision is already made; but if it is disclosed at that particular time, then you will not accept it. I sometimes wait two months, three months, four months, one year. The real decision was made long ago, but the inner being of that particular disciple was not ready to accept it at that time. So I wait until I see that the disciple is ready to accept my answer, which is the answer I have got from the Supreme.

During this time, please do not feel that the reason I have not answered you is because I am displeased with you. That is wrong, absolutely wrong. You can ask me ten times if it is a serious matter, even twenty times; but every time I may say, “Please wait, please wait, please wait.” This does not mean that the decision is not coming: the decision has come, but I feel that if I wait until you can accept the decision as the right thing, then at that time we have achieved a double victory: victory from above, victory from below.