The Master's inner circle

I always say that I have first class, second class, third class, fourth class, fifth class, sixth class and seventh class disciples. But no matter which class an individual belongs to, he must not try to become very close to me by hook or by crook, by grabbing or pulling me. Only by sincere devotion and dedication can one become close to his Master. Each person has to know who comes first and foremost in his life: whether it is the Master or any member of his family or any other person in the world. If the Master comes first in everything, in every action, then I tell you, that person is bound to establish an inseparable connection with the Master. If a seeker has become very devoted and has offered his unconditional surrender not to the Master’s personality or individuality, but to the Master’s divine will, then that person will be part and parcel of the Master’s inner circle. Another thing each disciple has to decide is whether his spiritual Master has the right to make the decisions to direct, guide and mould his life. Also, when I scold someone, that person should feel that he is really blessed. I am not getting pleasure by scolding him; no, it is only that I am trying to perfect him. I am using my divine authority — not my earthly undivine consciousness — in order to make him absolutely perfect. When I make a decision for someone or when I have the right to give him orders or scold him, then I feel that that person is mine — not for me to possess, but for me to mould in my own way, the way that the Supreme feels is best. When I say, “Do this,” or “Do that,” there will be no discussion. For it is not the human in me that is forcing it over the disciple. No, at that time it is the divine in me, the Supreme, who is giving the order. Spiritual Masters command only those people in whom they have utmost implicit faith. The Master knows that there is really no such thing as giving orders; it is only an offering of illumination to someone who is a little less illumined.

The real first class disciple will never make any decisions for himself. The moment an individual makes his own decisions, he is millions of miles away from the Master. Whether you will drink a glass of water at five o’clock or six o’clock — that kind of decision you have to make for yourself. That is a common sense decision. But anything you feel is important in your life should be done only with the Master’s inner approval. First class disciples won’t make any decisions for themselves without first approaching the Master in the inner plane. They feel that everything will come from the Master. Inwardly they tell their Master what they are thinking of doing, and then they wait to see if the Master will care for it or not. Then, after some time, they know.

Now, let us bring the matter to the outer plane; let us speak of approaching the Master on the outer plane in making any kind of decision. Whenever you make a decision for anything — even if you make a decision to realise God in your own way?you are taking the responsibility for your life. At that time the Master is not to be blamed for what happens in your life.

When the disciple becomes a member of the Master’s inner circle, rest assured that in his every action he is bound to feel the Master’s presence — even if it is just drinking a glass of water or going to the supermarket to buy something. If you are drinking water, you will see my existence inside the water, and while the water is entering into you, you will feel that you are my existence. Then, when you are talking to the supermarket man, even if he is very nasty, you will see my presence inside him. Only he has not been able to bring forward this divinity. The outer existence is very crude and rude, but in his inner existence you will feel the presence of your Master.

Many people come to us with utmost love, devotion and surrender; then after some time they start descending on the scale. But right from the beginning if the person maintains the same intensity, the same love, the same devoted surrender and dedication, then he becomes a member of the Master’s inner circle. He may stumble or fall, and if he becomes tired he can take a rest, but again he has to get up and run. It is not that once he has dropped, tired and exhausted, he will not be able to go forward any more. No! He may take rest for a few days or a few months, but then again he has to run fast. He will ask himself, “What is wrong with me? I had the capacity to run for three years.” So he can take rest for a month or a year, but again he will have to run the fastest. At that time again he will become a member of the inner circle.