Scene 4

(Early morning. Brahma’s abode. Brahma’s blessingful meditation on the world is just over. Enter four saints.)

FIRST SAINT: O Lord Brahma, save us, save the world. Sunda and Upasunda are destroying the whole world.

SECOND SAINT: O Lord Brahma, the two Asura brothers have conquered all the peoples of the world. These two Asuras have looted all their wealth.

THIRD SAINT: They are now fully prepared to cross swords with the cosmic gods.

FOURTH SAINT: And soon they will be ready for a ruthless attack on Indra, the King of the cosmic gods.

THE SAINTS (together): O Lord Brahma, save us, save the world from these two Asuras, or very soon the human race will suffer an eternal end.

BRAHMA (smiling): My sweet children, I am fully aware of the grim situation. I am fully conscious of the unspeakable misdeeds of the two Asura brothers. Do not burn with impatience. I assure you that their days are numbered.

(Brahma starts meditating. In five minutes he creates through his third eye the most beautiful girl of eighteen the universe has ever seen.)

GIRL: My Lord, my Creator, my All! My life of unconditional and eternal service I place at your feet. I am sure you have a special plan for my life. My duty, my beauty, my reality and my divinity — all I place at your feet. You are my life’s soul and you are my soul’s goal.

(Brahma blesses her. While being blessed she offers her soulful prayer to her creator, the Creator of the universe.)


My life began with duty’s pride.
My life shall live with beauty’s light.
My life shall sport with reality’s soul.
My life shall end with Divinity’s Height.

BRAHMA: Tilottama, O beauty unparalleled, O beauty’s perfection, descend into the world and do me a service.

TILOTTAMA: A service! This life of mine is at your express command.

BRAHMA: Go and create a terrible dispute between the two Asura brothers, Sunda and Upasunda. Go and tempt them with your beauty’s mightiest power and make them kill each other while fighting for the possession of your matchless beauty.

TILOTTAMA: My Lord, my beauty is yours. My capacity is yours. My victory is yours. I am all yours.

(Exit Tilottama.)

THE FOUR SAINTS (together bowing down to Brahma): We are sure that Tilottama’s beauty will kill the two Asura brothers. O Lord Brahma, you have saved us, you have saved the world and you have saved the human race. To you we offer the breath of our eternal gratitude.

(Brahma smiles. Exeunt the four saints.)