Scene 2

(Gorakshanath is meditating in his room. Enter Matsyendranath.)

MATSYENDRANATH: My son, are you still here? Don’t you know what King Harabhanga is doing to his subjects? He has said that everything has to be sold at the same price. Gold and eggplants will be sold at the same price.

GORAKSHANATH: I know, Master. I have heard and I have read the newspaper. But I am a little amused. I am curious to see what will happen.

MATSYENDRANATH: Curious, my son! Curiosity even at this stage? You have realised God. Now why do you allow curiosity to enter into you? I know your curiosity is innocent. You are pure; your heart is all purity, all luminosity, my son. But curiosity is still a dangerous thing. Very soon this whole kingdom will be ruined. A catastrophe will take place, and I am afraid something will happen to you. I am concerned for you, and not for this kingdom. I cannot help the innocent subjects. I can only sympathise with them.

GORAKSHANATH: Master, do you know what the king said? He says his kingdom has to surpass Heaven in beauty, prosperity and divinity.

MATSYENDRANATH (laughing): You know how he will make his kingdom superior to Heaven! He is an old man now. He has become senile.

GORAKSHANATH: Master, forgive me, I wish to see the end of this fun. If you allow me to stay here and see the end, I will be so grateful to you.

MATSYENDRANATH: I shall allow you to stay, but I tell you that your suffering is my suffering. If something serious happens to you, it is I who will have to help you or save you.

GORAKSHANATH: O Master, then I shall go away. I don’t want you to suffer because of me.

MATSYENDRANATH: No, no, stay here, Gorakshanath. I want you to enjoy this. I want to feed your innocent curiosity. Don’t worry about me. I will be able to protect myself and I will be able to help you out, too.

GORAKSHANATH: Then with your permission, Master, I shall stay.

MATSYENDRANATH: Yes, you stay, with my permission. Let us see what happens.

(Exit Matsyendranath.)