Scene 4

(The king’s palace. The king is on his throne. Enter minister.)

MINISTER: Your Majesty, the man who stabbed the jeweller was put in jail yesterday, but today he has escaped.

KING: How?

MINISTER: He was a strong man. It seems he was able to break some of the bars of the prison window, and somehow he escaped.

KING: What is to be done?

MINISTER: That is up to you. Please tell me, I am at your command.

KING: Well, if you can’t find him, look for any strong young man of his size, and bring him to me.

MINISTER: Only one person?

KING: No, bring everyone. Bring all the men of his size, and I will make a selection. I will have the strongest person hanged. It is an insult to me that a prisoner can break out of my prison and escape. So the strongest man will be put to death.