232. Giants of the spirit

Naren, When are you planning
To come down to the earth?
    “I have no such plans.”

Gadadhar, When are you thinking
Of coming down to the earth?
    “I don’t cherish that kind of thought any more.”

Jesus, When will you illumine the world
To celebrate your second resurrection?
    “I am more than satisfied
    With my advent and with my first and last resurrection on earth.”

Siddhartha, Have you ever thought of moving
From your Nihil house to Earth house?
    “Oh no!
I shall forever
    Remain in my Nihil house
    Of Immortal Peace
    Immortal Bliss.”

Kanu, You declared that you enter into the world-arena
Whenever righteousness declines
Unrighteousness prevails,
To destroy the dark hands
And save, elevate and illumine the snow-white hearts.
Since then, how many times
Have you appeared and disappeared
From the earth-scene?
    “I am not accountable to the world for my lofty promise.
    In top secret I tell you:
    The absolute Supreme is not going to fire me
    Even if I hopelessly fail to stick to my well-intentioned promise.”
Sri Chinmoy, The Dance of Life, part 5, Aum Press, Puerto Rico, 1973