725. O Ramakrishna!

O Ramakrishna!
O Ramakrishna!
Tell me,
On very rare occasions
Were you a little unkind
To Sarada Devi, your devoted wife?
She wanted to accompany you
To various places.
What made you offer her
Reluctance and rejection?
Why did you torture her?

For my Kali’s sake, at least!
Public mockery
Is merciless.
I wanted
To avoid it

But it was you
Who instructed
Your disciples:
“Man or worm.”

“I see, I see.
Now listen,
Once and for all.
My wisdom
Did not permit me
To help the puny ignorance
Of the tiny worm
Grow into elephant-ignorance.
Therefore, I avoided
Sarada’s and my joint appearances
In the assembly
Of lightless society.”