756. Three times

Three times
I looked for a hiding place.
Alas, each time
I failed.

First time
I looked for a hiding place in God.
God did not allow me
To hide inside Him.

He said
I am too restless,
I would not stay inside Him
For good.

He said to me
That I have to
Hide inside Him either
Forever or never.

He knew that I would not
Be able to stay inside Him forever.
Therefore, He did not care
To fulfil my prayer.

Second time
I looked for a hiding place in man.
Alas, it all ended in vain.

Man said to me,
"I shall allow you to hide inside me
On one condition.
You have to offer me daily
A sea of gratitude
A sea of plenitude."

I immediately told man
That his demands were extravagant,
Impossible and unthinkable.
I left man with my transcendental disgust.

Third and last time
I looked for a hiding place
Inside Ignorance-sea.
Lo, I have done it.

And nothing need I
Offer my Ignorance-sea in return.
Here I shall hide,
I shall eternally hide.