996. Three clever world-souls

Krishna, Krishna,
Hurry up, hurry up!
Come down, come down!
The world needs your immediate presence.
“Chinmoy, I am in deep meditation.
For God’s sake, don’t disturb me.”
Thank you, Krishna,
You have always been clever.

Thakur, Thakur,
Look, look!
Earth needs
Your presence desperately.
“Chinmoy, I am sorry.
My Mother has given me
Much work to do here, upstairs.
I simply can’t think
Of going downstairs.
I am sorry.”
Thank you, Thakur.
You too have become clever.

Naren, Naren,
Once more Mother Earth
Needs your warrior-heart
To fight against ignorance-night.
“Chinmoy, tell Mother Earth
That I have been fighting
More powerfully, more devotedly,
For her from here,
Against her ignorance-night.
She does not need my
Physical presence.”
Thank you, Naren.
I shall be also as clever
As you are,
When my turn comes.