Scene 1

(Ramakrishna with his disciples. Enter Captain.)

RAMAKRISHNA: Come in, Captain. (Captain bows to Ramakrishna.) I know you have read the Bhagavad Gita many, many times. I wish to hear from you about the Gopis.

CAPTAIN: When Krishna was at Vrindavana he had no wealth, but the Gopis loved him more dearly than they loved their own lives. Their love for Sri Krishna was so pure, so genuine, so divine. They gave him their vital desires and their psychic aspiration. They gave him their all.

RAMAKRISHNA: Krishna, Krishna … (Enters into trance.) Captain, tell me more.

CAPTAIN: Not to speak of ordinary yogis, even the great yogis cannot have free access to Krishna’s heart. But because of their devoted love and unconditional surrender to him, the Gopis always had free access to Krishna’s heart.

A DEVOTEE: Thakur, our greatest novelist, Bankim Chandra, recently wrote an excellent book on Krishna.

RAMAKRISHNA: I see. Do you know that Bankim does not believe in Radha? He believes only in Krishna.

CAPTAIN: That means he does not believe in Krishna’s divine lila.

RAMAKRISHNA: But Bankim also says that sex life is necessary.

CAPTAIN: It is very strange that on the one hand he thinks and feels that sex life is necessary, while on the other hand he does not believe in the divine lila, the divine game. I see in him nothing but contradictions.

RAMAKRISHNA: You call it contradiction and I call it lack of realisation. Mere book learning and God-realisation are never, never the same thing. For God-realisation you have to pray, you have to meditate. You have to cry like a child. A child cries for his mother and he gets her. If you cry for the Divine Mother’s Nectar, you will get it without fail. Drink, drink my Mother Kali’s Nectar as much as you want to. Be immortal, my sweet children.

Sri Chinmoy, Drink, drink my Mother’s Nectar, Sky Publishers, New York, 1973