Question: Guru, how can I improve my meditation?

Sri Chinmoy: You can improve your meditation if you consciously and constantly feel in your heart of hearts that it is only meditation, soulful meditation, that will be able to give you peace of mind. Not only that, but your meditation power will also be appreciated and admired by all those who are around you.

Again, you have to know that meditation will give you joy. You have to give tremendous importance to joy. So, if you really give importance to joy and can feel the necessity of joy in your life, then you will do everything in your power to acquire joy. You will meditate most soulfully. Just by thinking that you will improve your meditation, you will not do it. But if you know what you can get from meditation, if you know that your meditation will give you tremendous joy, then definitely you will work hard inwardly and outwardly to improve your meditation. It is only an act of conscious and constant effort that is necessary for you to improve your meditation.

Sri Chinmoy, Dipti Nivas, Agni Press, 1976