Two luminaries: Princess Diana and Mother Teresa

If Princess Diana had not believed in the inner life, if her heart had not cried for God’s Love and Light, then she would not have admired and adored Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa always said, “Diana is my daughter.” And during my meeting with her, Princess Diana said, with utmost humility, “I am a very, very small Mother Teresa.”

Princess Diana first met Mother Teresa at the Vatican in 1992. Then, for the next five years, their paths did not cross again, in spite of the fact that they had the deepest love and respect for each other. Princess Diana even went to visit Mother Teresa’s Home for the Dying, Nirmal Hriday, in Calcutta during one of her visits to India. But Mother Teresa was not in India on that occasion.

During my meeting with Princess Diana, I happened to mention that Mother Teresa was so kind and affectionate to me. At that point, Princess Diana could easily have said, “Yes, I am also an admirer of hers,” or something of that nature. Instead she said: “I have been trying to track her down so I can see her, but nobody ever knows where she has gone. Can you tell me how I can meet with her?” Something inside Princess Diana was prompting her to see Mother Teresa once more. Her heart wanted her to have the meeting. She had been trying in vain to contact Mother Teresa, and Mother Teresa and I were so closely connected. I have known her since 1975, but for the past few years we have been in touch almost on a weekly basis. Mother Teresa and I share the same birthday — August 27th. She was my Mother of infinite compassion and my Sister of infinite affection.

So I promised Princess Diana that I would be responsible for making the arrangements for her to meet with Mother Teresa. I knew that Mother Teresa was in Europe at the time, and I thought it might be possible for them to meet before Mother visited the United States. The next day, I came back to New York and came to learn that Mother Teresa was in Italy. I spoke with Mother on the phone. I told her that Princess Diana wanted to see her. Mother said, “Tell her to come to New York.” But I knew Princess Diana wanted to see Mother in Europe. On that day, Mother Teresa was in a joking mood. She said to me, “If she does not want to come to New York to see me, then tell her to come and see me in Calcutta!”

Shortly afterwards, Mother Teresa travelled to America to accept the Congressional Medal of Honour. She came to stay at her Missionaries of Charity House in the South Bronx section of New York. She asked me to give Princess Diana her telephone number and address so that they could make the proper arrangements. Fortunately, Princess Diana’s itinerary brought her to the United States at that time. She came to promote the auction of her garments.

I visited Mother Teresa on June 3rd and again on June 17th for private meetings. During these meetings, Mother Teresa spoke of Princess Diana several times, and always with tremendous love and affection. On June 18th, Princess Diana flew from Washington to visit Mother Teresa. They had a long private meeting, with no cameras present, and then they posed for pictures outside. Everybody was amazed to see Mother Teresa standing by Princess Diana’s side because she had been confined to her wheelchair for many months previously. This was a sign of her tremendous love for Princess Diana. The world will forever and forever cherish the photographs of these two immortal luminaries: Mother Teresa, whom I place in the galaxy of immortal saints, and Princess Diana, who conquered the heart of the world with her love, compassion and selfless service to mankind. I am so happy and grateful to God that He chose me to be the instrument in helping them to meet one another for the last time.