The meeting — continued

SRI CHINMOY: A long-cherished dream of mine, out of your heart’s magnanimity, today you have fulfilled. For the last sixteen years, I have been a most humble admirer and adorer of yours. Sleeplessly your heart cries for the suffering humanity. Down the sweep of centuries, many, many princesses have come and gone, but your love of children, your sacrifice — specially for the helpless, hopeless people — can only be felt and never be described. There are countless people here on earth who appreciate you and admire you. Again, you have some unkind adversaries. But there shall come a time when all your adversaries, all your enemies, will be compelled to bow to you.

PRINCESS DIANA: I hope so. (looking down with a mixture of modesty and hope_) SRI CHINMOY: I am a student of peace, I am a man of prayer. I am extremely, extremely grateful to you for granting me this interview. _Sri Chinmoy presents Princess Diana with a copy of a song he has composed for her.

PRINCESS DIANA: This is very colourful, isn’t it! (laughing_) SRI CHINMOY: With your kind permission, could I sing the song which quite recently I have composed for you? And these are two additional songs in which I have set music to your own words. PRINCESS DIANA: I am glad somebody listens to what I say! _(laughing)

SRI CHINMOY: May I sing them for you?

PRINCESS DIANA: Yes, please do.

The Princess listens very attentively while Sri Chinmoy sings “Diana: The World’s Only Fondness-Summit-Empress,” accompanying himself on a small keyboard. The Princess looks from the printed song sheet to Sri Chinmoy’s hand playing the notes. The words to the song are:

Princess Diana, Princess Diana, Princess:
The world’s only fondness-summit-Empress!
Dreamland-beauty’s blue-green reality-glow.
Compassion-heart’s sleepless, streaming river-flow.

PRINCESS DIANA: Thank you, thank you very much. (very moved_) SRI CHINMOY: And these are your momentous utterances. (_Reading the words to two quotations_) “I am not a political figure. The fact is, I am a humanitarian figure. I always have been and I always will be.” “Everyone needs to be valued. Everyone has the potential to give something back, if only they had the chance.” _Princess Diana recognises her words immediately and nods.

MRS. TORPY: I am very touched by the words to the second song: “Everybody needs to be valued.”


SRI CHINMOY: Princess Diana, your heart of sympathy covers the length and breadth of the world. There shall come a time when the entire world will value you most sincerely, most lovingly and most wholeheartedly.

Sri Chinmoy sings “I am not a political figure” and “Everyone needs to be valued.” He reads the words again, and the Princess repeats the words after him, laughing delightedly.

SRI CHINMOY: Now this is a song I have written in my mother tongue, Bengali. It is dedicated to your sons, William and Harry. With your kind permission, I would like to sing it for you. I wrote the song in Bengali, but the translation is there.

Sri Chinmoy sings the song “William-Harry.” The Princess listens most intensely, following the printed music, which is adorned with a picture of her sons climbing on her shoulders when they were three and five years old. She is very happy and very deeply moved, exclaiming affectionately. The Bengali words and the translation are as follows:

William-Harry William-Harry William-Harry
Dibanishi bajao mayerjayer veri
Great Britener madhur swapan
Amarar jyoti shishu
Karuna pathar tomara dujan
Param prabhur jishu

William-Harry, William-Harry, William-Harry!
Day and night do strike
Your Mother’s victory-drum.
You are at once Heaven’s
Children of Light and the sweet dreams
Of Great Britain.
Compassion infinite you two are
Of the Saviour Lord Jesus Christ.