Princess Diana's funeral

On September 6th, I was in Warsaw to offer a Peace Concert in the evening. My heart was flooded with sadness for two reasons: it was the day of Princess Diana’s funeral and Mother Earth had just received another stupendous blow with the passing of Mother Teresa a few hours earlier. I stayed in my hotel room throughout the whole day watching Princess Diana’s funeral on television. I did not go out at all.

When they brought Princess Diana’s body to Westminster Abbey, I was able to control my suffering to some extent. Even when I saw her sons walking with their father, their grandfather and their uncle behind her coffin, my suffering was bearable. But when I saw the car going all alone, carrying her body back to her childhood home seventy miles away, it was too much for me. My heart started swimming in the sea of tears. I was looking at the car going slowly to the destination and I literally saw tears inside the eyes of the streets. Then my nerves, my muscles, my heart, everything, began helplessly trembling with sorrow and grief. Princess Diana’s fairytale life became the world’s saddest tragedy. Alas, alas!