Meeting continued

PRINCESS DIANA: Thank you. The song is extremely beautiful.

Sri Chinmoy then presents Princess Diana with a drawing of one large bird facing a smaller bird. Next to the larger bird he had written the letter ‘W’ and next to the smaller bird he had written the letter ‘H’.

PRINCESS DIANA: Oh, William and Harry! My boys! My boys! (looking at the two birds_) _Sri Chinmoy then offers Princess Diana a framed drawing of dream-freedom-peace-birds that he had done for her on May 16th. Underneath it, he had written: “My Prayerful and Soulful Dedication to Diana, Princess of Wales — Sri Chinmoy.”

SRI CHINMOY: This is an original drawing. I would humbly like to offer it to you. It contains 362 birds. Now I have completed seven million birds altogether.

Princess Diana looks through a brochure about Sri Chinmoy’s art with great eagerness.

SRI CHINMOY: (indicating a photograph in the brochure_) This is Raisa Maximovna Gorbachev visiting our art gallery in Manhattan a few years ago. PRINCESS DIANA: Is this all for me? SRI CHINMOY: Yes, yes. Tonight I shall be giving a Peace Concert at Royal Albert Hall. It will be my 500th Peace Concert. I have performed in 43 countries. PRINCESS DIANA: (_looking with great joy at the cover of a book documenting the 500 concerts_) Blue is your colour, I take it. SRI CHINMOY: Yes, blue. [The Princess laughs delightedly.] PRINCESS DIANA: The High Commissioner for India invited me to your Peace Concert at Royal Albert Hall tonight. Dr. Singhvi is a great admirer of yours. Unfortunately, I cannot attend because of my trip to Pakistan. SRI CHINMOY: I have read that you are an excellent pianist. PRINCESS DIANA: Well, not really. I play. (_laughing_) _Sri Chinmoy presents Princess Diana with three new miniature hooks of his poems published by the Jharna-Kala Card Company. She is very, very pleased to accept them.

PRINCESS DIANA: May I keep these as well?

SRI CHINMOY: Yes, they are all for you.

PRINCESS DIANA: All for me! My goodness, my goodness. This is marvellous. No more, no more!

Princess Diana holds all the gifts lovingly, to show her full appreciation.


PRINCESS DIANA: (laughing_) Promise! (_The Princess indicates the row of garments in the adjoining room._) This is to raise money for children’s causes. SRI CHINMOY: Princess Diana, your heart of sympathy and oneness with the suffering humanity touches the length and breadth of the world. Your heart of oneness, universal oneness, is expanding and expanding. I am so happy that Mother Teresa is extremely fond of you. PRINCESS DIANA: Where is she at the moment? SRI CHINMOY: She is now in Rome. PRINCESS DIANA: I keep trying to find her, but no one knows where she is. SRI CHINMOY: She is extremely compassionate to me. We are in regular communication. Many times I have spoken to her on the phone. I will have an interview with her in New York shortly. Now she is in Rome. From Rome she will go to Poland, and from Poland she will come to New York. Either on the 2nd or 3rd of June I will be meeting with her. PRINCESS DIANA: Will she come back through Europe, do you think? She normally comes through here. SRI CHINMOY: I understand she will be going directly to Calcutta. Princess Diana, do you know that Mother Teresa claims you as her daughter? PRINCESS DIANA: Thank you. I also love her dearly. SRI CHINMOY: You are her daughter and she is all for you. PRINCESS DIANA: I have been trying to track her down so I can see her, but nobody ever knows where she has gone. Can you tell me how I can meet with her? SRI CHINMOY: I am in touch with her. Perhaps I can be of service to you. The day before yesterday a student of mine spoke to her, and I also speak to her. She writes to me. She is extremely compassionate to me and kind to me. I am sure that it will be possible for you to meet with her before she returns to Calcutta. PRINCESS DIANA: Is her health all right? MRS. TORPY: Yes, she is much better. During the time when she was very ill recently, Sri Chinmoy prayed and meditated for her — prayed and meditated. SRI CHINMOY: She prays for me every day, and I pray for her every day. It is mutual. _Princess Diana laughs happily.

MRS. TORPY: Sri Chinmoy will gladly talk to her for you.

PRINCESS DIANA: That would be lovely. If she is anywhere in Europe, I would like to come and see her. Every time she has a relapse and goes into the hospital, all the British media rather unkindly ask me to write obituaries. And I say, “I am not writing obituaries.” Should anything like that happen, then they will all come like wolves to my door. I adore Mother Teresa. I hope she continues for many more years.1

MRS. TORPY: How horrible the media can be!

SRI CHINMOY: She is so fond of you. Anytime she talks about you, she is all affection.

PRINCESS DIANA: Thank you. Well, I try to do her work, but I am at the junior end! (laughing_) SRI CHINMOY: Both of you are sailing in the same boat. PRINCESS DIANA: It is kind of you to say that. There is so much to do, so much to do! MRS. TORPY: I will always be ready to help you. PRINCESS DIANA: Oh, but you have so much to do for Sri Chinmoy! MRS. TORPY: Sri Chinmoy is in America, and I am based here. Do you know that Mother Teresa has now retired from being Head of the Order of Missionaries of Charity? PRINCESS DIANA: I saw that. I saw the new one, too, Sister Nirmala. SRI CHINMOY: Mother Teresa’s self-offering to the world is exceptional. According to my own humble opinion, you are another Mother Teresa. PRINCESS DIANA: I am a very, very small Mother Teresa. She does so much good. It is very, very frustrating to be in a country where no one appreciates the good. People in this country do not appreciate the kind of work I am doing for landmine victims and so on. I have to fly out of the country. In other places people value my work. To be appreciated in this world is really extraordinary. SRI CHINMOY: A prophet is not honoured in his own country. PRINCESS DIANA: That I know very well. SRI CHINMOY: Then eventually the same prophet is honoured — not only prophets, even poets and authors, like Tagore. India’s greatest poet, Rabindranath Tagore, won the Nobel Prize in 1913. But before that, he was a victim to hostile attacks from his own countrymen. PRINCESS DIANA: Challenges I call them, not problems. SRI CHINMOY: Dear Princess Diana, one day, in the near future, your enemies will surrender to you because of your magnanimous heart. The mind divides; the heart unites. In your case, your heart always unites itself with the multiplicity of the world-family. You are inspiring the whole world by virtue of your heart of oneness and sympathy. Eventually your heart will win. Now the dividing, doubtful and critical minds of some unfortunate people are challenging your heart. But I can clearly see that those dividing minds, the doubting minds, will have to surrender. At God’s choice Hour your victory is certain. Your victory is certain because you are all heart. Your heart will conquer the negative qualities of others. Your heart is bound to win because your compassionate heart has touched the length and breadth of the world. So many individuals think of you or feel through you something that inspires, something that aspires in and through them. Your very name is a source of inspiration to millions of people. In the future, people the world over will admire you and adore you in all your glory. PRINCESS DIANA: (_visibly moved_) Thank you. That is what we are waiting for. MRS. TORPY: You and Mother Teresa are working together in the self-same spirit. PRINCESS DIANA: I am with a different branch, but I do feel our connection. Sri Chinmoy, forgive me, I am running late for my plane. How did you come here? SRI CHINMOY: I came by taxi. PRINCESS DIANA: I am calling a taxi for you. _The Princess goes out of the room to call for a taxi. She moves with an air of purpose and with afresh, spontaneous energy. When she returns, she grabs Sri Chinmoy’s briefcase from him and will not allow him to carry it. Since Sri Chinmoy had arrived in the interview room before her, she could not know that he had been having trouble walking because of his knee problem. It is her outer spontaneity that compels her to carry his briefcase down from the second floor. Sri Chinmoy follows her, pretending that he is walking without any pain.

On the ground floor, the Princess pauses to show Sri Chinmoy a rare statue of Ganesh made entirely of crystal.

PRINCESS DIANA: I am sure you know who this is!

SRI CHINMOY: This is our Ganesh, the elephant god. It is he who removes the obstacles in our path and who fulfils all our desires.

The Princess pauses to pose for a photograph with Sri Chinmoy next to the statue.

At the close of the meeting, Princess Diana very kindly and compassionately carries Sri Chinmoy’s briefcase to the waiting taxi.

MRS. TORPY: (apologetically_) I’m afraid I am not a photographer, and unfortunately I do not take good photographs. PRINCESS DIANA: (_referring to the press_) Neither do they! They just make lots of money out of it. (_laughing_) _Sri Chinmoy follows the Princess outside into the sunshine. She is still carrying his briefcase. A taxi has arrived and is stationed about forty metres away.

MRS. TORPY: Princess Diana, when do you return from Pakistan?


MRS. TORPY: I assure you that Sri Chinmoy will be able to put you in touch with Mother Teresa, sooner rather than later.

PRINCESS DIANA: Thank you, thank you so much.

As they approach the taxi, Princess Diana asks Sri Chinmoy where he will sit, and she carefully places the briefcase inside the taxi.

Then the Princess asks Mrs. Torpy to take one final picture. Princess Diana stands by Sri Chinmoy’s side for this immortal photograph.

The Princess waits for Sri Chinmoy and Mrs. Torpy to climb inside the taxi and waves them good-bye.


When Sri Chinmoy arrived at his hotel and was about to pay the fare, the driver told him, “The Princess called the taxi and she has taken care of it.”

Sri Chinmoy was deeply moved by Princess Diana’s loving concern, affection and kindness in making this meeting so meaningful and beautiful in every possible way. It lasted for 38 minutes in earthly time, but in Heavenly time it was beginningless and endless.

Sri Chinmoy later reflected:

To the world,
Diana is the Princess of Wales
But, according to my aspiration-heart
And dedication-life,
She is, indeed,
The Empress of the World.

DPW 3,20. Tragically, it was to be Mother Teresa who was to offer an obituary for Princess Diana — as if it were her own daughter who had passed away.