Happy Birthday!

Diana, Princess of Wales Empress of the World

On this most auspicious occasion in your life, I am praying most fervently to the Absolute Lord Supreme to shower His choicest Blessings, Compassion, Love, Light, Delight and Pride upon your sleeplessly self-giving life for the improvement, betterment and enlightenment of the whole world. Your ocean-vast compassion-heart for the poverty-stricken, for the ill-fated, for the physical body-sufferers can only be felt in silence in our gratitude-hearts, but never be adequately expressed, appreciated, admired and adored by anybody here on earth. There shall come a time when your admirers and adorers will conquer the hearts of your unlit and unawakened adversaries.

Again, I am praying to God to grant you an endless series of successes in all the world-uplifting tasks that you have so self-givingly undertaken.

With deepest appreciation,

Sri Chinmoy

P.S. The other day I watched you on TV with Mother Teresa outside the Missionaries of Charity in the Bronx, New York. It was extremely exciting, thrilling, illumining and fulfilling. They announced on TV that you had a private interview with her for forty minutes. I am certain that your meeting was most illumining and most fulfilling. Two are in the fastest, life-saving boat sailing towards the golden Destination: God’s Satisfaction in God’s own Way.