Letter August 19th, 1997

I wish to offer you my deepest gratitude for your recent letter to me. You are thanking me for encouraging you in your life’s noble activities. I wish to say that genuine encouragement is nothing other than the outer expression of love, concern and oneness. In my case, I shall always offer you my heart’s genuine encouragement because I know that you have dedicated your life to the happiness and well-being of the world-family.

As I promised in my last letter, I am sending you a few very positive articles about you that have appeared recently in various parts of the world. I do hope that it gives you joy to learn how much you are loved and admired in those countries.

I am so happy to be able to tell you that my humble life is connected with you in a new and special way. You are the Princess of Wales and, on July 3 1st, the city of Cardiff officially became a Sri Chinmoy Peace Capital. It is the ninth capital to bestow upon me this blessingful honour. The others are Ottawa, Canberra, Reykjavik, Wellington, Suva, Edinburgh, Harare and Oslo.

In various countries, my students have asked the officials concerned to dedicate their city or natural features to peace. We call them “peace-blossoms”. It is our hope and our prayer that these peace-blossoms will carry the fragrance of peace throughout the length and breadth of the world.

In 1991 the Severn and Wye Bridges uniting England and Wales became Sri Chinmoy Peace Bridges. I attended the formal ceremony on November 15th that year, and a plaque was unveiled explaining the significance of this Peace Bridge spanning the two countries. Mount Snowdon has also been dedicated as a Peace Mountain.

Your most timely visit to Bosnia to meet with landmine victims was a most powerful call to the conscience of the world leaders. It is their bounden duty and responsibility to protect innocent people from the destructive power of landmines. You are the supreme champion of suffering humanity. These leaders must hearken to your urgent message.

Dear Princess Diana, like a most beautiful bird of peace you fly from country to country to spread your heart’s love and joy and to enfold the suffering humanity in your tender arms. May God shower upon you His ceaseless Blessings, Love, Light and Delight.