Question: I work in a cancer hospital where people frequently die. Sometimes when people are dying I see a quality or a look on their face which is very similar to something that I see in your face. Can you tell me why?

Sri Chinmoy: When I am united with the Universal Consciousness, I am in everybody. There are many people on earth who are not my disciples, but they are sincere seekers. And God-realised souls who are of the first class will see it when sincere seekers pray to God at the time of their death, or when their days are numbered. I tell you, if they pray to God or Christ or anybody, if they are really sincerely knocking at God’s door, they can find shining there my face, Buddha’s face, Krishna’s face because of our Universal Consciousness.

Who these people are, I cannot tell. There are hundreds and thousands who are not my direct disciples. But they knock at the Universal Consciousness, and there receive my Light, my Compassion. That is why you see my face on their face. They see me, and get help from my compassionate inner being. At that time, an illumined part of my being, of my inner existence, goes there to give them some consolation, some little illumination, so that in the soul’s world they can have a better existence and can come back again to aspire. If you look at a dying person and if you see my face, then you will know that this person is a seeker. There is no need for him to be my disciple. But if he has extremely sincere aspiration, because of my Universal Consciousness, I can be there.

There are times when my disciples meditate most soulfully on me, and identify themselves with me to such an extent that other disciples will see on them my face. Their power of concentration on me is so sincere, so devoted, so one-pointed and soulful, that right on their face the disciples will see my face, even if the person is a woman. This has happened several times.