Part III: A tale of the Beyond

A tale of the Beyond1

I wish to say a few things about Buddy’s [VG’s] passing. The day he left the physical body, his small nephews asked me, “Where is our Uncle Buddy?” I said, “He is now in Heaven with God.” Then they asked, “Can we also go there?” I said, “Certainly you can go, but only when your Father, your eternal Father, invites you. When your physical father asks you to come to him, you go running; but when he is in some other room and he does not call, you do not go. Similarly, when God, the eternal Father, calls a particular son of His, the son goes.”

Then they asked, “Why can’t we go there?” I said, “You cannot go there because that place is very, very, very far away, and you need a kind of ticket. Here when you want to go from one place to another you buy a ticket and you go there. For that place there is a special ticket and special money, so when you get these you can go to that place.” Then they asked, “Is he thinking of us?” I said, “He is thinking of you constantly. He is thinking of you and blessing you, and his soul will be helping and guiding you.”

The first day Buddy got his fatal attack, his mother, Karuna, phoned me in the small hours of the morning. I concentrated on him and the moment I did so I found that his death was just minutes away. Then immediately I went into my highest transcendental consciousness and invoked the Supreme and the Supreme’s descending Grace. Later that evening, around six o’clock, the critical period would pass and he would be saved. At that particular hour I saw his soul enter into my room while I was meditating. He said, “Save me, save me.” I said, “You are already saved. The Supreme has saved you.”

You may say, “He was saved at that time, so how is it that now, a month later, he has left the body?” My answer is this: there is a cosmic Plan, and God has the right to change this cosmic Plan according to His own Will. At first Buddy’s soul, with an adamantine will, was fighting to stay on earth, and we identified with his soul. With our prayer, with our concentration, with the force we put on the physical, with our soul’s cry, he did stay on earth. But his soul saw that after he was cured this physical body of his would not be able to fulfil the high mission that he was placing in front of himself. When his soul brought forward this high, higher, highest vision right in front of his nose, at first his body was afraid to embrace the vision and reality. But the soul convinced the body that not with this body, but with another form, another body, he would fulfil himself he would fulfil God and he would fulfil humanity. At 10:15 that morning the Supreme and his soul made the decision that he would leave the body. Immediately afterwards I entered into the occult world and garlanded him with my soul’s concern and blessing and all my love and sweetness. About an hour later his soul actually did fly away from the cage.

Now two or three days earlier his mother felt that Buddy was saying good-bye. She felt it because her body, mind, heart and soul were totally one with her child. The decision took place at exactly 10:15 in the morning, but the mother’s heart saw the truth before the truth even came into existence. Because of her psychic oneness with Buddy, her intuitive feeling made her know even before God made the decision.

If I act like any ordinary human being who does not identify himself with the Supreme’s Will, then from the very depth of my heart I am prepared to say that it was a terrible defeat that Buddy passed away. We lost in the battlefield of life, where each second is an opportunity for the soul to achieve, to materialise, to manifest here on earth. Because I identified with him, I cried and cried from the very depth of my heart. Believe me, I personally can be in my highest and again I can be in my lowest. When I am in the physical, I suffer. The first thing I said was, “It is my defeat, my defeat, because I put so much concentration, so much force on him.” But from the spiritual point of view, this loss, this defeat, was no defeat. When we are identified with the Will of the Supreme, we feel that His Will is All-compassion and All-fulfilment. The moment we all surrendered to the Will of the Supreme, Buddy left the physical. His mother, sister, he and I all entered into the Will of the Supreme and said: “Let Thy Will be done.”

Now why is it that in the beginning we do not surrender to the Will of the Supreme? First of all, in this world we are identified with the physical. We try to possess our dearest one as long as we can. And secondly, we feel that it may be God’s Will that he live in order that his soul may get more inner experiences in the field of manifestation. But our highest Self is always one with the Supreme, and from there we see the eternal Vision and the eternal Reality. When we are one with the Supreme, we feel eternity as our very own. Buddy was on earth for forty-two years, but his spiritual name, Asim, means eternal, boundless, infinite life. It is the infinite life that the soul possesses and cherishes.

When I saw Buddy in the hospital before he died, he said, “Help me get out of the hospital alive.” I told him certainly he would be all right. It was not my false compassion, but my genuine feeling, and that feeling was my vision. God is all love; God is all wisdom. And although God’s decision is ultimate, God can change His Will and make another decision. Later, about three hours after he left the body, he said to me, “I am more alive than ever.”

What is the meaning of “alive” here? To ordinary people, to those who do not believe in God, it is absurd. They will mock me. But those who have entered into the inner life will feel that Buddy is now living in eternal Life. Formerly he was in earth-bound life for forty-two years. In these forty-two years he had many, many experiences. But in comparison to the experiences he is having now in one fleeting second, these earthly experiences are nothing. In one fleeting second he is having thousands and millions of experiences in the inner world, and these experiences are the kind that fulfil us within and without. When Buddy died, the soul of my physical mother came down from the soul’s world and took his soul into the vital world. Then my closest friend, my best admirer, my spiritual brother Jyotish, who passed away three years ago, came and took Buddy into a very high world to rest. I went there to see him. He is very happy. I sat beside him and what did he say? He said his physical body was junk. “Did you want me to stay with that body?” And what was I to tell him? “Junk!” he said. That was his word. He wanted me to stay with him for a while and he made me sit. Then we had all kinds of divine jokes, and he told me quite a few secrets, which I have told to the members of his family. I can say a few things about his concern for his dear ones, but the deepest secrets I cannot tell. He said the children must eat more for the next three months. Then last night he came to me and said, “Oh, tell my mother and sister that from now on I shall not only be inside them, but also for them, for them, for them.”

Yesterday his niece, Holly, asked me, “In Heaven, do they eat food?” I told her, “Certainly they do.” Now I am sure all of you know that here on earth we eat. Also in Heaven, in the vital world, we eat. The food is different from ours. It is like tiny particles of sugar, which have a very grey colour. About seventeen years ago, one of my sisters, who was very fond of me, died. The first time I entered into that vital world she gave me that food. I said, “I cannot eat it. It is all bone; I don’t want to eat bone.” She laughed and laughed, and made me eat. Just last night I was given this food by Buddy, and beside him were my mother and my friend and a few friends of his. We were all sitting, dining. So those who believe in the inner life, the spiritual life, will immediately believe that this inner world is also a world of reality. There we talk, we eat, we do everything.

Later the children asked, “How can we talk to him?” I answered, “Here on earth, no matter how far away we are from someone, we can talk to him on the telephone. Similarly, there is another kind of telephone to speak to people in Heaven.” This other telephone is the capacity of the soul’s oneness. All of us — not only in the land of dreams or the world of spirit, but also in this world of reality — can enter into our departed ones while meditating. But unfortunately we do not do this. We live in the physical and do not go beyond the boundaries of the physical. That is why we do not feel our dearest ones after they depart. But if we go deep into our meditation, we will be able to see them concretely, right in front of our eyes.

Right now Buddy’s soul is in the world of the moon, considered to be one of the highest realms in the spiritual world. There are many, many worlds, but this world of the moon is full of purest joy, delight and tranquility. Soon Buddy will be with us again. In a few years we will see him in a different body, and I will be able to tell you that Buddy’s soul has reincarnated in a different form. I told him that his mother, sister, brother, father and all of his dear ones want to see him. He said, “See me? They will get me.” So they will get him in a different form, in a different body.

  1. DR 25. In the autumn of 1968, one of Sri Chinmoy's disciples died. This is an impromptu talk Sri Chinmoy gave at the New York Centre shortly after this disciple's death.