Question: Can the soul reincarnate in other worlds after death?

Sri Chinmoy: The soul that has taken or entered into a human body cannot and does not reincarnate in other worlds. The soul can go through other planes: the physical, vital, mental and psychic sheaths. As soon as the soul leaves the body, it goes through these planes to its own proper region. But there the soul does not reincarnate. The soul is only passing through these places, which are part of its journey of discovery. It is visiting these places, but it does not reincarnate there. The soul reincarnates only in the physical world on earth. Here alone the soul has to manifest its divinity.

There are seven higher worlds and seven lower worlds, and during sleep or meditation everybody’s soul travels to these other regions. It may cross through one world after the other going to the highest world; or again, it can go through the lower regions. An ordinary person is not able to see the soul or feel the soul’s movements, but a great spiritual aspirant or a spiritual Master can know what the soul is doing and in which plane the soul is. But reincarnation takes place only here on earth, in this world.