Question: How will you keep contact with us after you leave the body?

Sri Chinmoy: I will have a special telephone with telephone operators. There is one. Let me tell you a very charming incident. In India in 1951 or so, I was sitting beside my friend Jyotish outside the house. Jyotish was very dear to me, so it was only for him that I did this. He wanted to get some messages from his mother who had died seven or eight years previously.

I said, “Look here, I am using my telephone. Now I am going to bring a message from you to your mother. Then I will get a message from her and it will come to you directly as the answer. I will ask your mother a question on your behalf, but the answer you will get.” I asked three questions. The answers came and he received them, and he was deeply moved. First I sent his soul and then my soul to his mother’s soul. Then they had a conversation and from there he got the messages.

Now when Jyotish was about twenty-five years old, five ladies fell in love with him, but he never married any of them.

Because of their previous karma, they all died together in a boat accident. He was in Burma at the time of the accident. So these five ladies were also in the soul’s world with his mother.

When I told him that I would bring a message from his girlfriends too, he said, “How will you know who they are if I don’t tell you their names?” I said to him, “I will enter through your soul and I will bring you their names. Now in silence you repeat the names of the girls. From each I will ask a question and you will get the answer.” He was so clever; he thought he would trick me. For three he thought of the real names, but for the other two he thought of totally false names. I was about to say these false names when immediately his soul stood in front of me and told me the truth. His soul protected me. I said, “Oh, you are trying to deceive me with these last two names!” and he fell flat at my feet.

Then the ashram gossip started. From where to where we descended on that day! The next day Jyotish told a close mutual friend about this experience and asked, “Do you believe it?” The friend said, “Perhaps you were drunk. He is always drunk. Only drunkards can do this kind of thing! By knowing about your friends, what benefit do you get?” Inwardly the friend believed it, but outwardly he pretended not to.

When one disciple of mine died, I told his small nephews that we could talk to their uncle in the soul’s world, just like on a telephone. I thought of doing a little of this for them, but my inner being warned me that they would be frightened, terribly frightened, and it would create problems, so I did not do it.