Question: Sometimes my cousin and I meditate by looking into each other's eyes, and when we do sometimes we see one another's faces change and even the hair turns a different colour. I was wondering what this means.

Sri Chinmoy: You are seeing his past incarnation and he is seeing yours. But this is not at all advisable. Suppose you see that three or four incarnations ago you were an animal, even though you had a human body. There are many people like this. If we do not pray or meditate, then here on earth we are little better than animals. In Jamaica, in Puerto Rico, in Canada, in New York, when I walk along the street I see people who have incarnated as human beings for the first time. What can you expect from them? They have just come fresh from the animal kingdom.

For two disciples to look at each other and consciously concentrate on the eyes and bring forward the past is very risky, for you may be unconsciously bringing forward your animal consciousness. In India I know people who have done this with their brothers and sisters, and then the undivine forces from the past incarnation of one have entered into the other, and vice versa. Even in this incarnation, as long as we have not realised God, there are many undivine elements in our nature which we have to contend with. So let us not bring forward the past. This past, I always say, is dust. Has the past given you realisation? No! If it had, then you would not have come to me. So it is not necessary or advisable to go to the past.