Question: Is there any special way we should meditate on a person who is dying?

Sri Chinmoy: Suppose you have gone to see a casual acquaintance in the hospital. At that time you should concentrate on his heart. You do not have to look at the person, but put your whole concentration on his heart.

First try to imagine a circle at his heart, and try to feel that this circle is rotating there like a disc. That means that life energy is now revolving consciously in the aspiration or in the vessel of the person who is sick. Through your concentration and meditation, you are entering into the heartbeat of that person. When you enter into the heart-beat, then your consciousness and the aspiring or dying consciousness of the other person rotate together. While they are rotating, pray with your whole being to the Supreme who is your Guru and everybody’s Guru, “Let Thy Victory be achieved. Let Thy Will be done through this particular individual. I want only Your Victory.” Victory does not necessarily mean that the person will be cured. No, God may have decided that this person must leave the body for a very good reason. If you pray to God in a surrendered way and if the person leaves the body, then you are fulfilling God and you are fighting for the Victory of God. If God wants to take him to Heaven to do something for Him there, then naturally it is God’s Victory when the person leaves the body. If you pray for the Supreme’s Victory, with your aspiration you are giving all the responsibility to the Supreme. And when you can consciously give the responsibility to the Supreme, you are doing the right thing.