Interviewer: And obviously a lot of Americans have come to you and follow you. About how many followers do you have?

Sri Chinmoy: I have approximately seven hundred followers or students. Unfortunately or fortunately, I am very selective in this matter because I feel that quality and not quantity is of paramount importance. I come across thousands and thousands of people during my talks at universities and other places, but I feel that there are many people who will make better progress if they go to some other Master. I won’t say that it is because those people are not sincere spiritual seekers that I am not taking them. Far from it. In my case, I have said many times that there are people who will do extremely well if they go to some other Master. Only I am not the right person for them. So, when I am not the right person for a particular seeker who has approached me, then I tell him, “You are not meant for my path.” It is not that my path is superior and that is why I am being selective. No, I am being selective in the sense that I will accept only those who are meant for my path. There is no rivalry between other Masters and myself. Only the Eternal Father will ask me at the end of my journey whether I have taken the persons whom He has entrusted to me. He will not ask me whether I have taken to Him ten million or sixty million disciples. No. He will say, “I did not want you to do a job that I did not give to you. I gave you the opportunity or responsibility only for so-and-so. Why did you bring others whom I did not ask to be brought by you?”