Interviewer: Suppose your heart judges that I am a bad fellow from my vibrations, and suppose you are wrong?

Sri Chinmoy: If I remain inside my heart, then I will feel the presence of the soul. In ten days or fifteen days or a month or two, the soul will tell me, “You made a wrong judgement.” Then the soul will come and guide the heart and I will try to establish a friendship with you. I am not talking about ordinary people, but those who follow the spiritual life. They are definitely in touch with the soul. They pray and meditate and they are constantly knocking at the Father’s door. “Father, guide me. Illumine, illumine me.” This is their prayer. So, if this is their prayer, then naturally the Eternal Father will guide and illumine them.

Again, we have to know that in the spiritual life, the heart does not play the role of a judge. Only in the ordinary life, for those who use the mind, we see that the mind is the judge. The human mind accepts and rejects. In the spiritual life the heart does not accept, the heart does not reject. What happens is that the heart identifies. My heart will identify with your heart and see whether it can perfectly fit in with your heart. But it won’t make a judgement. It will only identify itself and see if it has found a safe and welcome place, whereas the mind will all the time judge.