Question: I feel that the spiritual and the material must be divided fifty-fifty. When one goes too far towards the material things, or too far towards the spiritual things, he gets caught. Do you agree?

Sri Chinmoy: I agree with your wisdom to some extent. But it is not that we have to accept the material life fifty per cent and the spiritual life fifty per cent. It is not like that. We give full importance to the spiritual side and also to the material side. But we feel that the material life will be of real value to us only when the spiritual life enters into the material life and brings light into it. It is not that we will accept each one fifty per cent. One hundred per cent both of them we will accept on the basis of their oneness. At that time there will not be two sides, one spiritual and one material. No, only two brothers will come together. Right now one brother has a little more light than the other, so that brother will bring light into the other. Then they will become one and both of them will be one hundred per cent illumined.