Interviewer: What made you decide to leave India and come to the United States?

Sri Chinmoy: It was not actually my decision. I am a servant, or you can say a devoted child of my Inner Pilot. My Inner Pilot, the Supreme, inwardly commanded me to come to the West to serve Him in Western seekers. It was not my choice. Yesterday He asked me to come here to the West and serve Him. Tomorrow if He asks me to go to some other part of the world, then I will go and be of service to Him there. Always it is His Will that I am executing with utmost love and devotion.

Interviewer: When you say that, it’s interesting to me because I don’t really know concretely what you are talking about, although I do understand in one sense. When you say, “He sent me,” how does this happen? Does the thought come in meditation or is it a vision, or what?

Sri Chinmoy: It is not a thought. It is a kind of flash, a vision, and there we can immediately see the reality. Right now I am talking to you and you are talking to me. We are using our minds, we are using our senses. With our eyes we are seeing each other. Vision is at one place and reality is at another place. This moment I am the vision and I am seeing the reality; the next moment you are the vision and I am the reality which you are seeing.