Experience and realisation1

Experience prepares; realisation shares. Experience prepares the seeker for God’s choice Hour. Realisation shares God with the seeker. Experience tirelessly tries and cries to find the goal. Realisation effortlessly lives in the goal and eventually grows into the goal itself. Experience secretly tells the seeker what he will ultimately become; he will become God’s most perfect instrument. Realisation smilingly tells the seeker what he eternally is here on earth and there in Heaven. On earth he is God the aspiring and evolving man. In Heaven he is man the illumining and fulfilling God.

Experience is convinced of the fact that this world of ours is a battlefield. Here, bad and good, divine and undivine forces are constantly at war. Realisation knows that this world of ours is not a battlefield. It spontaneously knows that this world of ours is God’s all-transcending Vision-Tree and God’s all-nourishing Reality-Fruit.

Experience moves from the finite to the Infinite. It feels its presence in the finite first and then in the Infinite. It feels its sole identity with the finite drop and then with the infinite sea. Realisation swims right from the beginning inside the infinite sea with God the eternal Swimmer.

Each experience is an added strength in the process of our evolving life. While we are marching along Eternity’s road, each experience is an added strength. Each realisation is a transcending triumph. While we are running fast, faster, fastest along Eternity’s road, each realisation is a transcending triumph.

Experience is exceedingly fond of God the Compassion-Father. Realisation is exceedingly fond of God the Oneness-Lover.

Experience is our journey’s birth. Realisation is our ever-transcending, ever-illumining and ever-fulfilling journey itself.

  1. 9 July 1977, 9:20 p.m. — North Avenue Presbyterian Church, New Rochelle, New York

Sri Chinmoy, Everest-Aspiration, part 1.First published by Agni Press in 1977.

This is the 352nd book that Sri Chinmoy has written since he came to the West, in 1964.


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