Hatha yoga

O Yoga of the sun and the moon, I sincerely appreciate you, I unmistakably admire you.

O Ha, O sun, O sun-world, O sun-power, O sun-god, I adore you.

O Tha, O moon, O moon-world, O moon-shower, O moon-goddess, I adore you.

O Hatha Yoga, you are preparing for me a strong body, a sound vital, an illumining mind and a pure heart. From your valuable gifts I shall receive inspiration to take three long strides towards my life’s integral perfection and my Lord’s complete satisfaction: concentration, meditation and contemplation.

Concentration will penetrate the ignorance-world. Meditation will sit on the snow-capped mountain peak. Contemplation will join the divine lover and the Supreme Beloved in their oneness-dance.

EA 31. 13 July 1977, 9:39 p.m. — Yoga-Life Perfection, New York.